Abby Jones


IMG_3452 2.jpg

DJ Uithoven

director of Student ministry


Meghan Gauzens

director of choir

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Lora Lee White

office administrator

Lora Lee has been ministering to people for longer than she can remember. She loves people, and her passion is to connect them with others so they can discover friendships with each other and with God. A native of Arizona, Lora Lee joined Paradise in 1989 with her husband, Bob. They have two adult children, and are grandparents of three kids.


Katie Collins

office assistant

Katie is a Michigan farm gal who still enjoys gardening, sewing, cooking, making homemade bread (minus the machine), and playing volleyball.  Katie and Dave have 3 lovely girls and their first grandchild is due in December.


Bri Harvey

director of children’s ministry


Mallory Denson

Worship Director