Paradise Kids

your kids will love it here



CHECK IN: On campus look for the sign with the purple arrows pointing you to Paradise Kids Kiosk (north of the worship center). You will then be greeted by a volunteer where your kid(s) will get checked in! From there, your kid(s) will go into the backyard to play, and then go to their classrooms. While you enjoy your worship experience, you kid(s) will be worshiping in their rooms too.

PICK UP: When the service is over, you can pick your kids up at the same location.


Flower Shop

AGES: 0-2

PURPOSE: In the Flower Shop kids learn that God loves them!

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Candy Shop

AGES: 3-PreK

PURPOSE: In the Candy Shop kids learn that God made them special.


The Bakery

AGES: K-3rd grade

PURPOSE: In the Bakery kids learn that the Bible is a special book for them.

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Record Shop

AGES: 4th & 5th grade

PURPOSE: In the Record Shop kids learn that God has a special plan for their life.